Charitable Causes

Charitable Causes
The following organizations support global issues highlighted in the Odyssey: Driving Around The World show. Your thoughtful donations will help enable these organizations to reach much needed goals. Please read below to learn more about the causes and how you can make a direct donation today.

Kids Saving the Rainforest (KSTR) is a non-profit organization founded in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica by two school children, Janine Licare and Aislin Livingstone, and Janine's mother, Jennifer Rice. In 1998, the girls, at merely 9 years old, sold painted rocks at a roadside table with the hopes of raising enough money to save the rainforests and Titi monkeys of the Manuel Antonio area. In 1999 the girls' idea took off when they opened... more

Survivor Corps is a global network of survivors helping survivors to overcome war and rebuild their communities. In 2008, Survivor Corps grew from Landmine Survivors Network. The organization has expanded its mission to help all survivors of war. Landmine Survivors Network was co-founded in 1997 by two landmine survivors, Jerry White and Ken Rutherford. We were leaders in the Nobel Peace Prize-winning International Campaign to Ban Landmines, which resulted in the creation of the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty. The Mine Ban Treaty was the first arms control agreement in history to include provisions to help victims of the weapon. This was achieved by an unprecedented level of participation by survivors in the treaty process. The Convention on Cluster Munitions entered into force on December 3, 2008 to end the use of cluster bombs due to the indiscriminate harm they cause to civilians. As a leader on the steering committee of the Cluster Munitions Coalition, we used our past experience with the Mine Ban Treaty to help ensure that the Convention on Cluster Munitions included the strongest possible requirements to provide assistance to victims of the weapon, their families and communities. more

Myanmar Buddhist Orphanage is located on the grounds of a Buddhist monastery and is administered by our Chief Abbot, U Sandi Mar. He is also the Head of a registered charitable support association and is thereby responsible for the accommodation, feeding, and education of 200 boys. Neither state-controlled nor government-supported, our orphanage is private institution financed solely through donations from the private sector.
We do not yet have a web site, but you can mail a donation to:
Myanmar Buddhist Orphanage Association/MBOA
Abbot: Baddanta Sandi Mar
School Principal: U Ko Ko Gyi
Corner of 30th St. and 62nd St.
Mandalay, Myanmar
Tel. 02-36774; 02-61187

The mission of the Parkinson's Institute is to find the cause(s) and a cure for Parkinson's disease (PD), and provide the best possible treatment to those afflicted with the disease. The Institute staff is striving to find the Cause(s) of Parkinson's disease, develop a Cure for it, while providing world-class Care for patients. Help for existing patients with... more

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